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About Us

As a general contractor, our responsibilities entail everything from remodeling homes to roofing and flooring premises. In home remodeling projects small and big, we see challenges that we take to overcome to deliver results that meet the clients’ expectations, if not exceed them. As a team, we are proud on our ability to work together productively which is something that deserves the true credits of our success.

As a team, we are proud on our ability to work together productively which is something that deserves the true credits of our success.

As a general remodeling company, we stand out by the virtue of the people who work for us and the willingness of the clients we serve.

In its many years of career, Oceanside Builders has picked up many valuable lessons along the way, the most significant of which we have absorbed into our mission and vision.

Taking clues from what our clients need and expect, we set building schemes afoot that give their vision a greater chance at fulfillment. We have a creative team in place, members of which can observe, visualize and translate elements in a space to map plans that best upgrade it. That’s how we are able to remodel entire homes, individual rooms and even spaces.

With the help of their imaginative ideas, plans drafted by our architects and workmanship of our remodelers, we have been able to accomplish huge and minuscule projects, all of which are rich in details. Our record of service in home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation and other areas so far precludes complaints and dissatisfaction. Our staff works very hard for the approval of our clients.

With unwavering attention to details, they improve every corner of a space giving it a makeover that not only lights it up, but jazzes up the design of the entire house. From kitchens to bathrooms, foyers to roofs, we do that for every part of the house that you entrust us to upgrade. We make sure that your house, in the day, is a sterling reflection of your personal style at its best.

What We Guarantee Our Clients

There are some things we assure our clients of, no matter what service they seek. They are:

  • Insured service with a decent coverage
  • A 3D preview of the design
  • Fast completion of projects, big or small
  • Competitive pricing which we are known for
  • Individual customer care for all our customers and enquirers at all time
  • Clean up after the day’s work so that you don’t have to live in an unclean home
  • A detailed proposal of the work progress to keep you up to date
  • Consultations from only the experts.

Call us today to speak to one of our representatives. You can also write to us at: oceansidesbuilders@gmail.com

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